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Card View Colours Colors Color

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Hi All,

What determines the colour of the TAB in Card View? Can this be automated - conditional formatting etc?? Or manual choice only?



  • Heidi Decker
    Heidi Decker ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Admin@Pat,


    The color on the card is coming from whatever color your bars are on the gantt. I use conditional formating to control my colors.

    Hope this helps.

  • Robin Sherwood
    Robin Sherwood Employee
    edited 06/30/16

    You can also right click on the color stripe to show a color picker and select a color manually. No need to use the Gantt.  In conditional formatting rules choose "Task Bar" to conditionally set the card stripe color. 

  • Admin@PAT

    Thank you Heidi & Robin, 

    That doe smake perfect sense. 


    @Robin - I do not have the 'Task Bar' option in my conditional formatting - maybe this only applies to newly created sheets since Card Views release - not existing sheets?


    I will keep digging as I really do liek the look and feel of the Card View options, it keeps everything very clean.

  • Robin Sherwood

    "Task Bar" only shows up as a format option when you have "entire row" selected as the target. If you have a specific column selected you will need to create an additional rule. 

  • Troy Harris

    Robin, could you please explain further? I have applied color via CondFmt to a specific column, and I would like that to govern the color of the Card color stripe. But I don't see how to "create an additional rule" to achieve this. I don't want the entire row to be the specified color; that would make the whole sheet overwhelming with color and hard to read, but the first part of your latest note here implies that's the only way to get TaskBar to appear as a selectable option in the CondFmt interface—whereas the second part of that note implies there's another way. Thanks.

  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Troy-- To confirm, if you have a rule that currently is only applied to a specific column , then this rule cannot be edited to also apply to the Task Bar, as Smartsheet assumes (as is probably true in many cases) that you *only* want the formatting to be applied to a specific column, not the entire bar in the Gantt, Calendar, or Card views. You would want to "clone" your existing rule and modify it so that it applies to the "entire row", however since you're only selecting a task bar color, you won't actually see any formatting in the Grid view.

  • Hi Team -


    I have some conditional formatting in a Smartsheet that turns the row red if the status is "Problem" and gray if the status is "Complete."  I thought that conditional formatting changed the color of the cards in Card View?  Mine are still the default blue.  What is it that I'm missing?  Thanks!

  • Robin Sherwood



    In addition to setting the "entire row" to a specific color you need to set the "Task bar" color under the "this format" link. Hope that helps!



  • Mike McNamara

    I struggled with this but now understand how to make it work.

    1) Set a rule for Entire Row where the Fill is No Fill, and set Task Bar to the color you want

    2) Set a second rule for the specific column you want and set the fill color

    Hopefully this clarifies the method to have just one column (or columns) colored and also have the Card View show the color on the edge.

    Mike Mc.


  • KathyH
    KathyH ✭✭✭

    I set up conditional formatting in the grid view that impacts an entire row. For example: If a cell in the Status column is Great = green, Good = yellow, and Improve = red. When I convert from grid view to cards, the color card matches the row.

    However, when I add a new card from card view and select status, the card color doesn't change. Am I doing something wrong?


  • debwatkins20

    I have some cards whose colors I can change using a right mouse click over the color bar in Card/Kanban view.  However, some of the cards are blue and will not change color, no matter what I try - what am I missing?


  • Mike McNamara


    The color on the edge is defined by the rule applied based on the specific column used in the Card View. Hard to explain exactly, especially without seeing how your conditional formatting is set up. But make sure your color rule is being applied based on Status (in this case because that is your card view), and is applied to the entire row (not just the Status column).

    If you are still having trouble, post a pic of your conditional formatting rule and I'm sure I can help.

  • Mike McNamara


    A Conditional Formatting rule will override your direct assignment of a color. So if you right click and select a new color and it does not change, that would be because there is a rule that is set to make it a specific color.

  • debwatkins20

    Well, I figured it out - if you create a rule it won't let you change the colors.  I forgot I created a rule based on status column quite some time ago.

  • begreen
    edited 02/27/18

    Great thread - the conditional formatting route worked well for what I was trying to accomplish.

    What I was trying to accomplish: I have a column called Resolved that includes a checkmark.

    If the box is checked, the card color turns green. If the box is not checked, the card color is black due to the conditional rule that states, If data is present in the description column (first column in my sheet), make the task bar black. It's rad.

    Card Color.png


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