Nested IF statement is giving me an UNPARSEABLE error

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I'm using this formula:

=IF(COUNTIF([Pilot Status]10:[Pilot Status]12, "No") > 0, "No",IF(COUNTIF([Pilot Status]10:[Pilot Status]12,"Hold")>0,"Hold","Yes")))

to show a "No" Symbol if there is at least 1 "No" in the range, if there are zero "No" in the range, then i want it to show a "Hold" symbol if there is at least 1 in the range.  If both of those fail, then i want it to display the "Yes" symbol?

Can anyone help?


For additional context, the formula works if I don't NEST if statements and only have one TRUE value and one FALSE value



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