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edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to use the contains formula within a SUMIF (see below).  This does not seem to work and I can not figure out why.  It seems as though all the examples that are provided, CONTAIN is only used within IF formulas.  Is this the case?


My formula:

=SUMIFS({Employee Tasks Range 1}, {Employee Tasks Range 2}, CONTAINS([ResourceName]$1, {Employee Tasks Range 2}), {Employee Tasks Range 3}, >$[Start Date]3, {Employee Tasks Range 3}, <$[End Date]3)


My formula in english:

= SUMIFS ({the hours allocated for a task}, {for resources in this column}, CONTAIN (resource name, {for resources in this column}), {and the due date} is greater than Sunday of week x and less then Saturday of week x




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