Problem with Index Match

Karrie Davis
Karrie Davis Overachievers Alumni
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi I'm trying to fill out the hours with Index/Match. It works with some but not with other. Here is the formula I'm using

=INDEX({Week 19}, MATCH(Matter2, {Matter})  (Image 1)

Image 2 - Were data is pulling from

On some it works however on other it defaults to the first one. In the 3rd Image I use the formula, 

=INDEX({Week 19}, MATCH(Matter72, {Matter}))  Which I thought would input the information for Matter Logistics, instead it is putting the information for "Billing"

However I used the same information In formula for Image 4 Site Visit and it pulled correctly 

=INDEX({Week 19}, MATCH(Matter107, {Matter}))

I have 10 Matters and it pulled incorrectly for 4 out 6, however they all use the same base format

=IINDEX(Week ), match (Matter, {Matter})))


Any suggestions





Index 1.PNG

Index 2.PNG

Index 3.PNG

Index 4.PNG


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