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Since the major outage earlier today (NZ time was not affected, thankfully) we have a VERY unstable date format, with frequent switches away from our regional default dd/mm/yy  to the 'american' format of mm/dd/yy.  The Smartsheet refresh icon makes no difference at all, but the Web refresh icon can fix it on one attempt, but possibly/probably 2 or 3 refresh attempts.

Is anyone else struggling with this?



  • Yes, we are having the same issue here in Sydney.

    The browser page refreshes seem to fix it, I've sent a request to support on this.

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    Yes, we have the same problem in the UK...probably Trump wanting to dominate the worlds date formats via stealth!

    C'mon SS, sort it out!!!!

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    Hi all,

    There seems to issues with date formats at the moment. I've had a few client's reach out with issues and I've also seen issues from others in the community.

    If you're experiencing issues and If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you reach out to the Smartsheet Support Team. Smartsheet

    Have a fantastic day!


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