Formula Help: Completed Project Count for Parent Rows Only

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I am new to SmartSheet, and I am trying to create a formula that adds up the total number of projects that have a check mark in a Completed column.

Note: I created a row to star all of the projects in parent rows (to distinguish from tasks in the children rows). So essentially, I want to add up all of the starred projects that have a check mark in the Completed column. Any help is greatly appreciated!



Completed Project Count Screenshot.PNG


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hello NMC AH,

    I understand that you are looking to create a formula that counts the number of rows with two criteria, and I'm happy to help with this. The type of formula you are looking for is called a COUNTIFS formula. For the current sheet you have shared a screen capture of, I would try the following:


    =COUNTIFS([Parent Row]:[Parent Row], 1, [Completed]:[Completed], 1)


    For these column types, the symbol is either "on" or "off." You can use a 1 for "on" or 0 for "off" in formulas. The above formula will count the number of rows that have both a Star in the column called "Parent Row" and a check in the "Completed" column. I've included some more Help Center articles that you may find useful below.


    Thank you!

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