URL method to send information directly into a Smartsheet?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

(Total noob with SmartSheets)

I’m using Smartsheet URLs in an LMS training course at the end for feedback and suggestions.   Currently we construct the link inside the course and it opens a web form when clicked with some of the fields pre-filled in based on user info from our LMS.  It’s good to insure they don't have to type in their name and ID and email since we know that already.  User-friendly.


We’re in an LMS, we can create the feedback form as a slide inside the course for a closed experience. (no external popups to submit)   

So is it possible to send all this data directly into the Smartsheet as a new row of feedback from the LMS without the intermediary form actually popping up?

We use the &Name=Jerry&ID=1234 method to feed info into the form fields as it opens, I conceivably could do this with ALL the fields, even the lengthy "feedback" box, right?   Is there a way to submit as well?   Or a different approach to sending the tips/feedback directly from our course into the Smartsheet?