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Contact list column - No drop down menu / no suggestion for co-workers in Outlook addin

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Smartsheet for Outlook dont give optioion to select persons from Smartsheet contacts.  There is no any No drop down menu / no suggestion for names if column type is "contact list". I can only type full e-mail adress of my co-worker in Outlook addin and Smartsheet will link e-mail with right person. If I made mistake in typing e-mail, Smartsheet will not conect with righ person.


We want to use Smartsheet for delegating task in Outlook. But if we must everytime type full e-mail adress of the responsible co-worker this is really unrealible, since we can do mistake in typing e-mail adress and responsible person wont get task in his report.


Bellow photo showing there is no any drop down menu / no suggestion for names during typing





  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Igor-- This is a great suggestion! I checked with our Outlook PM and it sounds like this would be possible, so I've added your vote for it to our enhancement request list. We appreciate your input!

  • Tanner Polzin


    I have the same workflow as you, and find writing the email address exactly right tedious. As a work around I created a script using AutoHotKey. Anytime I select a single name in Outlook, and press Ctrl+C, AutoHotKey changes my clipboard so it only has the persons email address instead of all the extra junk.There are other macro programs and clipboard managers out there if you prefer something other than AutoHotKey.

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