linking value from parent cell

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edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

EDITED: i found the =PARENT function the listed as this in the cell but my cell is turning out blank!

=PARENT([Topic & Subsequent Action Items]13)

Its recognizing the function as the cell i want to reference is outlined in blue... HELP!

the function initially worked when the Meeting date row was a child of the "upcoming meetings" row-the cell reflected "upcoming meetings" so i know the function works. I de-nested the date rows so the cell would reflect properly but something went awry..

I'm starting w/ the meeting agenda template set and in order to utilize the dashboard for future & past agenda items i need a meeting date column in addition to the submission date column. 

I want to automate the info in the meeting date column by linking it to the parent row which is the meeting date entered in text (per the template) and if that agenda item (child row) gets tabled until the next meeting it will get moved to the next parent row and i want the formula to follow & reflect the new meeting date.

idea on what my reference formula should be? any recommendations to make this easier or a better idea?





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