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Combining form data with a to do list

Eileen Nelson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

We collect reservation request information via form that I can pull into a sheet.  However, I would like to have a task to-do list/deadlines/confirmations noted, etc. on the same sheet.   My understanding however is that the columns can only be formatted all the way down.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can incorporate the form info and the to do list into one sheet?


So the form would be  name, date requested, number of people, etc. (about 8 columns of info)


The to do list would include:  Down payment received date, Total Due, Follow-up info sent, Insurance Form received date, etc. etc.


Suggestions welcome.   


I'm still in the trial phase and need to figure out if I can do this before going forward.


  • Thanks, Benjamin.  I will try that.  Another question.  Since it would probably be best to have a different sheet for each reservation, how would I set up the form to fill a new sheet or does that happen automatically?

  • You can omit fields from the form


    Make the sheet as you would like to see it and then test out the Webform option by hitting the button on the bottom of the sheet to customize. 


    You have full controll of the fields the person using the form can see and do things such as: have values fill automatically, hide columns from users, add file uploading sections etc

  • Webforms are sheet based and do not create new sheets for you. Maybe someone else can chime in with a better workflow to do that.

  • Thanks, Benjamin.  However, while I'm working on this, I realize that I don't need to have different sheets. . so I answered the question myself.  And I think I can now see how the whole thing will work.

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