Conditional formatting based on time from today

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I want to create conditional formatting rules on a Date column and cannot figure out how to enter Today in the criteria 


Select column = EOL Date 

is < TODAY  = Red

is between  TODAY() and TODAY() + 180 = Yellow

is > TODAY() + 181 = Green 

I can do it in Excel just fine but when i enter TODAY() in the criteria it says "This is not a valid Date"                

I have tried variations of TODAY(), =TODAY() and still errors 


I feel like this should be core functionality, I have seen some post saying to add a bunch of extra columns to do the comparative logic but why would i want to do that when excel can accept formulas directly in the conditional formatting rules.  


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    Hi Jon,

    Try something like this.

    Add a so called helper column. You can call it Status, Formatting or similar. You can change it to a RYG Column type if you'd like.

    You'd then structure the Conditional Formatting to change the color according to the result in the Column above.

    =IF(ISBLANK([EOL Date]@row); ""; IF([EOL Date]@row < TODAY(); "Red"; IF([EOL Date]@row > TODAY(180); "Green"; IF(AND([EOL Date]@row >= TODAY(); [EOL Date]@row < TODAY(180)); "Yellow"))))

    The same version but with the below changes for your and others convenience.

    =IF(ISBLANK([EOL Date]@row), "", IF([EOL Date]@row < TODAY(), "Red", IF([EOL Date]@row > TODAY(180), "Green", IF(AND([EOL Date]@row >= TODAY(), [EOL Date]@row < TODAY(180)), "Yellow"))))

    Depending on your country you’ll need to exchange the comma to a period and the semi-colon to a comma.

    Did it work?

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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