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Below formula is showing incorrect argument set.

=COUNTIFS(Name3:Name356, "", [Position Title]3:[Position Title]356, "Billing Specialist", [Req Status]3:[Req Status]356, "Open", [Dept Name & Cost Center]3:[Dept Name & Cost Center]355, FIND("10", @cell) > 0)

Tying to count rows that is blank in the Name column, with position title "Billing Specialist", Requisition status has to be open and Dept name and Cost center contains the text "10-". (e.g 10-5423)

Please advise. Thanks!



  • Wal
    edited 08/27/19

    Hi styless,


    You have an incorrect argument set because the column arguments for Dept Name & Cost Center does not match the other column arguments.  All other column arguments go from row 3 to 356, whereas your argument for Dept Name & Cost Center goes from row 3 to 355.  Change 355 to 356 and the formula will work.


    Ps.  Change your FIND("10", @cell) > 0 to FIND("10-", @cell) > 0 This will ensure that the result will only count cells that start exclusively with "10-" 

    I hope the above helps.

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