Can I delete rows from Master sheet?

Eva M
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Hello, I have a Master sheet, into which information comes every day via a form. I also have a Wrap Up sheet which pulls specific data from the Master and manipulates them via a formula into a number I need to display.

For example, the form populates the Master Sheet with the number of patients on a unit at midnight, the number of catheters that are inserted and the number of ventilators in use. This is done across the hospital and includes many units. The Wrap Up sheet looks for today's entry for a specific unit and calculates the utilization rates via a formula for that unit.

I am having a problem with people duplicating entries on a given day, which will over time alter the weekly, monthly etc. reports. If I go to the Master and delete the rows with the duplicate information, is this going to break the formulas in the Wrap up? I also have formulas in the Master (in new columns that are not populated by the form), which use the incoming form numbers to display a new number that is then searched for by the Wrap Up. Is deleting a row in the Master going to break the formulas in the Master?

The Master Sheet displays those little black triangles in the cells used in the Wrap Up sheet formulas and the Wrap Up sheet displays the little blue triangles in the cells containing formulas that link to the Master Sheet.

See attached screenshots that show the formula I have in the Master and in the Wrap Up. "CL Utilization" and "CL DUR" are the same thing. I use these formulas for Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly etc reports.

Thank you!!

Screenshot Master.png

Screenshot Wrap Up.png