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Copy and Paste doesn't work!



  • I have this same problem. Copy & Paste from Excel or Google Sheets only works perhaps 5% of the time. I'm on MacOS and Chrome. Please help!

  • FYI -- You can only copy/paste 500 rows at a time

  • Jessica.Pennell113576
    edited 12/06/19

    My problem is going to be similar to Sumo's I believe. I use my left hand with the mouse and use shift+insert and ctrl+insert to copy/paste (I hate macos keyboards with a passion because of this, even if you use a pc keyboard or numlock off+0 on a 10-key they still don't register insert without a custom keyboard mapping) and this doesn't work in smartsheet, in any browser. It is so annoying having to figure out why data isn't in my clipboard before being reminded over and over. I know us lefties are a special case and you can't meet everyone's needs, but if you are considering adding features, please keep us in mind!

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