Conditional formatting to alternate shading of rows based on a field

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I've created a sheet to track an IRB's review of projects. Each IRB committee member fills out a form as they review each project, then they use the sheet that's populated by the forms when they meet to review multiple projects. I want to make it easy for them to see at a glance what the responses were for each project, without having to use filters. So, I want to use conditional formatting using the TMSS ticket number field to shade the projects in alternating colors, white and light grey. The number of rows per project is not always the same, because sometimes there are different numbers of people reviewing different projects. Is there an automated way to do this in Smartsheet? I've included a screenshot of what I want it to look like.

Smartsheet IRB example.JPG


  • Genevieve P.


    At this time there is no formula or automation that would automatically create the shading you are looking for, alternating per-project; this formatting will need to be done manually as new projects come in and the sheet is Sorted. Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a minute.

    Choosing to filter by the TMSS ticket number field would be my suggested way of finding each ticket, along with Ctrl + F (Windows) or Cmd + F (Mac) to open the find window and search for specific numbers. You may also want to turn on Highlight Changes if you would like to obviously call out new submissions.



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