Server/Local sheets get out of sync, some permanently

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Hi all,

I am working with SS support but I thought I would reach out here as well

According to T2 support

...If our server has not processed all data/ formulas before a save is made the sheet may show a different version than our server shows. In most cases the dirty save only lasts for the first 2 rounds of saves....

This seems to explain what is happening (data needed from a source sheet cell containing a Vlookup function is not seen at a sheet referencing the source sheet) the referencing sheet see's #NO MATCH (which is incorrect)

The Source sheet, when loaded, shows  #NO MATCH for a moment then the correct data AND the save icon is active (note I've only loaded the sheet). When I save (for most sheets) the problem clears up but only temporarily...after some time it seems to return to a bad state..

Some sheets are permanently in a bad state... 

These sheets have been working fine for months...very strange


Another clue, the history of the Vlookup cell refuses to update if the vlookup formula is in place, the last entry in the history is always "#NO MATCH" even though the cell does the lookup and contains the right value. (and I do a save)

If I enter text into the cell (remove the formula) the history updates as expected....

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi djpreece,

    Based on your conversation with our Support team it seems like the behavior you're experiencing is caused by a bug.

    Our Development team is currently working on a solution to this issue, but in the interim, the workaround is to load and save project sheets immediately prior to viewing the other sheets.

  • Turns out the different cell  formats between

         - The column in the reference lookup table (Plain text)

        - The search variable used in the vlookup command on the source sheet (Contact list) 

    Causes this issue

    The work-around of changing the reference lookup table column format to contact list and changing the entries in this column  to the associated contacts is working. 

    Thanks to the SS support team for quickly getting to the bottom of this!


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