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i am finding smart sheet very buggy

Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I have been using Smart sheet for only a few months now, I find it very buggy, lots of stupid, rules that make no sense at all, and a lot of areas that seem to have been forgotten, like cell attributes.


I have a new sheet

I have a column that is numbers Dollars 

I have wanted to add a dollar value, and it says I am adjusting another row.


This is a stand alone row, how can that be.


This is a $600 per year program, should I be expecting better or not


  • I copy a collapsed row on the same sheet and it only copies the name not the collapsed items, if I expand the collapsed row, I can copy.

  • I have also noticed, that items attached do not copy.


    So basically you get a name

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 06/21/15

    Hi Peter - I am happy to help! For your first issue, could you provide a little more explanation about the behavior you are seeing? It sounds like you have a column formatted for currency and when you add a number to a row in that column you are getting a message saying you are adjusting another row, is that correct? Could you take a a screenshot of the message you are getting and post it here?


    When copying row, you will only copy the selected rows which is why collapsed rows are not copied when you copy the parent row (they are just collapsed, not a part of the parent row). If you want to copy multiple rows, each row will need to be selected. 


    Attachments cannot be copied between rows but you could download the attachment, then upload it to the new row. 

  • Good Morning Travis

    It is 0440hrs in Abu Dhabi, and our working week starts on a Sunday, does, this mean I have to wait, till the USA is awake and working to get an answer to a problem.


    You are selling this product to the world.



    So what you are discribing, re a copy of a row, makes it a dumb sheet, not a smart sheet

    Even moving the row loses all the data in that row and allows only simple TXT to copy or move.


    Because of the no answer, to my issue, I have deleted all my "Smart Sheets" and have started to make them into a set of multiple sheets, this is not smart, but seems to be working, basically my people will now have to look at say 7 sheets instead of 1, now that what I call "Smart"


    I will try and recreate the cell problem, and send it to you.


    This copy Row issue is a big issue, you put a lot of effort into populating a row, with information, which is what your company is selling, but you cannot use that row's information anywhere else, a big let down.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Peter - Our support hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm PST. If you reach out to the support team ([email protected]) you should expect to receive a reply within one business day. Other departments have different business hours. Who are you trying to contact?


    Thanks for the feedback - I will make sure our product team is aware of your concerns. 



    Let me know when you are able to recreate the cell problem and I can help you troubleshoot. 

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