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Conditional Formatting Changed Over This Weekend


I've got a development backlog I keep in Smartsheet. Many of my checkbox columns have conditional formatting - red when not checked - normal when checked. I have header rows that I inserted a period "." into and changed the font color to match the row to hid the conditional formatting. Now, the conditional formatting is being applied. 


What I had set was If <column name> is checked, then apply this format <red background>. This used to only impact rows that were checked or unchecked. if I had alternate text in the row, the conditional formatting was ignored. Now, it's being applied to those cells with alternate text (rather than a check or non-checked box). 


The funny thing is I found a support article that talks about using my trick to hide checkboxes from header/parent rows. Unfortunately, while it sill works to hide the checkboxes, conditional formatting no longer works as it did. 


Any chance this is a bug and will be fixed?


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