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First of all thanks for helping :)


I have this list of tasks where i use my WFIndex + Index columns to identify them and execute automations.


My Milestones are "locked", colored in blue and in this case identified by WFIndex = 4 (row 8)


I have a few "checks" which i want the user to mark as "completed" before unlocking the Milestone.

This checks are identified by WFIndex = 3 summarized on WFIndex = 2 (rows 4 to 7 summarized on row 3)


Can I Automatically Unlock this Milestone (PB) when the checks are completed?


When i go to automation i can:

1.- add a trigger (status changes to "complete")

2.- specify the conditions : add a condition (when WFIndex = 2)

3.- Add an action: unlock row,


but, how can i specify: unlock only row 8 (or WFIndex = 4)?  as i have this for several milestones in the planning.


An the other way?

When i set this row 8 (or WFIndex = 4) to complete i want to unlock the next set of columns  WFIndex = 5, 6, 7 and lock the already completed: WFIndex = 2,3,4



Thanks a lot



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