Customized Buttons in Dashboard/Portal

Maxim Lobko
Maxim Lobko ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

After seeing very nice dashboard presented in Best in Class Project Management video I tried to start developing something similar for our organization. However I'm struggling with creating customized buttons (like "Home", "Portfolio Dashboard", "Departments" etc) that you can see on the top of the dashboard that is used in video.

First I tried Text widget, but then noticed that it doesn't allow to add any interactions to it... Why actually?

Then I tried Rich Text widget, but it has same limitation. Even though you can create a hyperlink as part of the text, but then then text comes always as underlined and it doesn't look any longer like a nice button. Finally I created texts in power point, saved those as PNG files and uploaded using image widgets, but the quality of the text became not sharp after re-scaling.

What would be the best method to create buttons that support interactions within Smartsheet portal?

BTW, does anyone know if such Portal/Dashboard like the one shown in the video is available as a set of templates?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!