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Hello, delete a free account, I have a licensed one and I want to add the free one there once it has been deleted but it tells me that my account already appears in another smartsheet account when I just deleted it, can anyone support me?



  • Genevieve P.
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    Although a Smartsheet account can have many email addresses, each email address can only be associated with one account, even if that account is Free or Cancelled. To retrieve the other email, please log in to your old, cancelled account and change the email address associated with that account to one that has never been used in Smartsheet. Then you can make that new email the primary one, remove the old email, and add the old email to your current account.


    You can find the steps to do so in our Help Center, here: Issue: Address Can't Be Added.

    If you are still having issues after reviewing this article, please reach out to Support for assistance.