"Last 7 days" filter is different than >TODAY (-7)

edited 02/19/24 in Formulas and Functions

Hello, I need a sanity check:

Following a crazy chase for a discrepancy in my sheet, I found out that if I create a filter "In the last 7 days", it starts counting yesterday as day 1.

But if I calculate SUMIF is the option {Date} > TODAY (-7), it counts today as day 1.

So, my final SUMIF tally is off compared to adding the filtered numbers.

Have I missed something?




  • Correcting Typo:

    But if I calculate SUMIF *WITH* the option {Date} > TODAY (-7)...

  • You are not crazy, I was just struggling with my filters not showing recent edits (as of today) because when I used the filter for Modified "in the last (day)" and chose 7, it only showed the week prior starting with yesterday. I had to change my filter away from "show all" to "show at least one" and stack them with a second criteria of "today" so that the entries from the present date were also included. I came here to report the bug but clearly this is a longstanding issue so I'm doubtful they want to fix it.

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