Wrong Date line

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Hi guys,

Struggling with what I assume is a easy fix.

The dotted line that represents 'today' is showing to be out by 1 day. I.e, it is Tuesday here, however the dotted line is showing Monday.

I have been into user settings and ensured that the Time Zone and Regional Preferences are correct however still cant get it to work?

Any tips? Thanks!

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  • Hello ttopfer,


    Thank you for reaching out within Community.


    I have investigated this issue and this is expected behaviour. The dotted line will show at the start of the day icon. As an example, if today was Saturday, the dotted line would show on the left side of the day icon.


    If you face any issues or have any more questions, please reach out.


    Kindest Regards



  • Thanks for asking this question @ttopfer .

    It really would be helpful to be able to have the option of displaying the dotted line at the end of the day.

    It can confuse people thinking they have one more day to of the task when it is actually due today.

    Could you suggest that as a future development @Sean Morgan ?

  • Hello @Simeon Prestidge !,

    I'll definitely add my vote towards this as I understand the confusion it can cause.

    In addition to this, yourself and @ttopfer can also mention your interests for this change here

    Kindest Regards