New error on existing API code

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This morning, I started receiving the following error message in c# code:

Smartsheet.Api.InvalidRequestException: 'This feature is not available for your account.'

on this line of code:

CopyOrMoveRowResult resultsX = smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.MoveRowsToAnotherSheet(isheetX.Id.Value, directiveX, null, null);

This c# code has run without issue for 2+ months.  Did something change on the Smartsheet side?  This is a production issue for us, so urgent.

Help is appreciated! 

Thanks, Mike


  • Andrew Dyer
    Andrew Dyer ✭✭
    edited 09/24/19

    EDIT: The issue appears to be resolved for me.


    I am also receiving this error, with the python API.


    Smartsheet-python-sdk version: 2.83.0

    Python version: 3.7



    Response: {

    status: 400 Bad Request

    content: {


        "errorCode": 5157,

        "message": "This feature is not available for your account.",

        "refId": "eot2sn3s1046"





    response = ss.Sheets.move_rows(



            'row_ids': rows_to_move,

            'to': smartsheet.models.CopyOrMoveRowDestination({

                'sheet_id': dest_id






  • Hi Michael,

    Can you confirm this issue is resolved for you? 


    Additionally, I want to check and see whether an automated Move Row workflow could be useful for you, potentially as a replacement to moving rows via API. I’d love to learn more about your use case and would be happy to share info about how automated Move Row works. Please use this link to set up time.


    - Scott Tewel | Product Manager, Automation

  • michael_hostetler85551
    edited 09/30/19

    Hi Scott - the issue is resolved...I was able to run my code successfully on Friday.  I appreciate the offer to discuss why the Move automation and my use case.  I will use the link and setup time as suggested.  Thanks, Mike