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Mail Merge Multiple Rows of Data


The task that I am trying to accomplish, is to complete a complicated mail merge for mass email. The mail merge function in MS Word or Google Docs sends out emails based on each row in your excel data sheet. Each row equals 1 email to 1 recipient. The issue is that multiple rows of data have to be sent to 1 recipient. If I use the Email Messages version of mail merge using the mail merge wizard, it will send out an email for each time the recipients name appears.

I did research this issue on google for possible solutions and the closest I got was a "Directory" mail merge which categorizes the data by each recipient into one document by the use of a code. The one document will be sent to all recipients. Therefore, all recipients will receive all records categorized by recipients. This is not ideal as I do not want to be sending all records to everyone.


Task: Mail merge multiple records by recipient, send emails to each recipient with only their corresponding rows in the Smartsheet data sheet.


Thanks in advance. Let me know if you require further information.


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