Linking Sheets - Master sheet with multiple related sheets

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I am looking to create a master sheet that contains personnel data elements used by multiple teams with different needs. The master sheet should allow data entry of new attendees while also pulling new entries from a related travel sheet.


Master Sheet Admin is aware of a new registrant and manually adds to the master sheet. That entry would then be visible on the travel sheet (accomplished with cell linking) so the travel department can take action and update the travel elements that will link back to the master sheet.

Additionally, the travel department may be aware of the registrant first and would add the new registrant in the travel sheet which would then add the new registrant to the master sheet.

How do I set the sheets up to allow for new entries in either sheet? The cell linking will be reversed depending on which sheet the information is entered in first.

Do I create two sections in both sheets using the indent feature and then format the cells under the two sections to point the correct way?

Is that the easiest way?

Thank you!