Function/Formula help to input Yes/No values as well as days outstanding based on two different scen

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Can you please help me figure out formula's for the follow scenarios? I have attached a copy of my smart sheet that i'm needing to apply the formulas to. 

#1) PC Action w/in 5 days (Column F):  If the date in column D (Date 1st update provided by PC) is less than or equal to the date in column C(Due Date) then YES would show in column F, if the date in column D is later than it would show NO. 

#2) Case resolved w/in 30 days (Column H) : If the date resolved (Column E) is 30 days or less from the date added to tracker (Column B) = YES; If the date in column E is greater than 30 days from the date added to the tracker  = NO

#3)  # of days in flight (column G) -  I am using the below formula to show number of days from the time the item was added to smart sheet to the time it took to resolve. I need help figuring out what i need to add to the formula for this show # of days from date added to tracker to today if Date Resolved field (Column E) is blank.   

 =NETWORKDAYS([Date added to tracker]460, [Date Resolved]460)

Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks so much! 







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