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Reports in SmartSheet

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I want to create a report that summarizes information on my smartsheet.  I don't want it to list individual line items.  Is this possible?  I am trying to mimic something I am doing in Excel with pivot tables and tables.   If it's not possible - does anyone have recommendations for reporting plug ins?



  • If you add the subtotals and totals you could set a report for those summarizations.  If you add Sights into your subscription this is a really helpful executive dashboard to summarize any data you like..

  • Daniel Stein

    You may consider using hierarchy in the sheet to create the summary calculations. Once you have indented a set of rows, you can add a formula like =SUM(CHILDREN()) or =COUNT(CHILDREN()) in the parent row to summarize them.


    You can then create a report that only pulls in the parent rows. To make it easy to select a particular hierarchy level in your report, you can add a column to your sheet where you fill down the formula =COUNT(ANCESTORS()). This will calculate the hierarchy level of each row.


    If you have Sights, you can then add one or more summary reports to the Sight, or pull particular summary cells from a sheet into the Sight to create a dashboard.


    Hope this helps!

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