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Website form integration using API


I am attempting to use the API to add comments into a new row created by a form submission.  I am currently adding new rows to sheets through forms on our website that integrate with (amung other things) the Smartsheet API.  Our website utilizes C# so I am using the following code (partial) to submit to a sheet.

            Cell[] cellsA = new Cell[] {
                new Cell.AddCellBuilder(17217962705xxxxx, DateTime.Now).Build(),
                new Cell.AddCellBuilder(265336235xxxxx, firstName.Text).Build(),
                new Cell.AddCellBuilder(265336235xxxxx, lastName.Text).Build(),
                new Cell.AddCellBuilder(7333807385xxxxx, phone.Text).Build(),
                new Cell.AddCellBuilder(17043078515xxxxx, email.Text).Build(),
                new Cell.AddCellBuilder(8459707292xxxxx, issue.Text).Build()
            // Specify contents of first row.
            Row rowA = new Row.AddRowBuilder(true, null, null, null, null).SetCells(cellsA).Build();
            // Add rows to sheet.
            smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.AddRows(73123464072xxxxx, new Row[] {rowA


So my question is: how do I add to the Comments row in my Smartsheet? If I am reading the API documentation correctly, I need the row ID but as this is adding a new row, there is none at this point.  So:

1. How can I get the Row ID from the row I am creating?

2. How then can I use an additional process to add comments to that row?


Any help would be appreciated.


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