Change RYBG Color if the year is Greater than the current year

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I currently have this:

=IF([Wants refresh?]2 = "Yes", "Green", IF([Wants refresh?]2 = "No", "Gray")) 

Which is working fine, but now I want to add that if the column Refresh Year has the year greater than the current year (2019) for it to turn red. I am not sure how to write that.

Any ideas?

Thank you!



  • You can just toss the analysis for the year on the front of the series of "IF" statements like:

    =IF(YEAR([Refresh Year]1) > YEAR(TODAY()), "Red", IF([Wants refresh?]1 = "Yes", "Green", IF([Wants refresh?]1 = "No", "Gray")))

    Be sure to change the "[Refresh Year]" variable to whatever you named your column.

  • Thank you but when I use that I get #INVALID DATA TYPE


    And my variable is called "Refresh Year"


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