CountIFs and Date range formula

VioletB ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


need help with a formula. I am trying to count a type from one column 'Finding Rating' against a date range in another column 'Last Completed'. So far I have tried the following but they have all come up with UNPARSEABLE. FYI Conformance is one of the types that I need to count

=COUNTIFS({Finding Rating}, =Conformance, {Last Completed}, >= DATE(2019 7, 1), {Last Completed}, < DATE(2019, 9, 30))

=COUNTIFS(Finding Rating:Finding Rating, "Conformance", Last Completed, >=DATE(2019, 7, 1), Last Completed, <=DATE(2019, 9, 30))

=COUNTIFS({Finding Rating}, Conformance, AND {Last Completed}, (@cell >= DATE(2019, 07, 01), @cell <= DATE(2019, 09, 30)))


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