Request update only if no recent update exists?

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Am I being dense? I can see ways to automate a reminder based on conditions, but in a sheet with multiple submissions from one person, if I want to remind them ONLY if I haven’t received a recent update, I can’t say “don’t send if.” ?

I can send a request for update based on “if not in the past” but if there is a recent item it sends them the recent item, and that is annoying if they just added that item. 



  • CaseyDuBose

    Try this from my screenshot.  

    Automation runs on a set cadence like daily or every Tues and checks the following criteria. 

    If the modified date of the row is greater than 10 days old, then it'll send a reminder according to your conditions. 



    Casey DuBose 

    Screenshot from 2019-10-08 13-05-40.png

  • Ella
    Ella ✭✭✭✭

    Interesting suggestion about Modified. However would not that pertain to anything modified in the whole row meaning the whole row needs to not be touched at all for the UR to go out?

    Here is my suggestion - if they only need to update some columns, you can set a condition in the UR for these particular columns to be blank. That way if they have completed what they had to do, the request won't get sent.