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Dynamic hyperlink from cell to external URL stopped working

Mike Steiner
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi guys,


I have been successfully using a formula to enter a hyperlink in a cell, using, for example, syntax like this:


="http://ServerName/Default?queryStringParameter=" + [Column Name]rownum 


This approach enables you to use the [Column Name]rownum syntax to dynamically create the URL based on the contents of other cells.

The actual value of the contents of the cell as determined by the formula was displayed as a blue-colored active hyperlink.

This has now stopped working, and the contents of the cell now displays as simple text, not a hyperlink.


This method served as a good workaround to the right-click => Hyperlink functionality of a cell, which shows a dialog box in which you need to define a static URL, and you can't use the [Column Name]rownum syntax.


What has changed to stop my workaround from creating an active hyperlink?



Mike Steiner


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