Formula to Count Data Broken Down by Month

James P Garcia
James P Garcia ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am wanting to use a formula to count data in various columns based on specific time period. Example for the month of October, I would like to count various column data and when it rolls into November I would like the formula to continue to work without changing it.

I am able to use my formula (see below) to capture exactly what I need between 9/30/19 and 11/1/19 but it seems that my current approach to this will require to me to go into the formulas for each calculation at the start of the next month and modify. My hopes are that there is an easier way to approach this.

Formula (gives me what I need):

=COUNTIFS([Date of RMA Request]:[Date of RMA Request], >DATE(2019, 9, 30), [Date of RMA Request]:[Date of RMA Request], <DATE(2019, 11, 1), [RMA Type Code]:[RMA Type Code], "28-Site Survey Error")





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