Unable to create cross-sheet references

10/08/19 Edited 12/09/19

The system shows a message "Unable to create cross-sheet references because this sheet already contains the maximum number of different cross sheet references" .  How many references we can do?  I am using a sheet that has information of 13 sheets combine. (like a summary sheet).  I like the summary sheet but the information in listing down and in my case I need it in a grid sheet.

Luis from PR


  • Andrée StaråAndrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Luis,


    You can have 100 distinct - cross-sheet references.

    More info: https://help.smartsheet.com/learning-track/smartsheet-advanced/cross-sheet-formulas

    Before You Begin

    Here are some things to keep in mind as you work with cross-sheet formulas:

    • All the data in the range being referenced is available and potentially visible in the destination sheet, meaning you shouldn’t include any data in the reference that you don’t want available in the destination sheet.
    • Each sheet can include no more than 100 distinct cross-sheet references. 
    • There’s a limit of 25,000 inbound cells that can be referenced from other sheets into one sheet in total.
    • When you create a reference to another sheet, you can only reference data from a single sheet. If you need to reference data from multiple sheets, you’ll need to create multiple references using the steps below
    • The following functions don’t support references from another sheet: CHILDREN, PARENT, ANCESTORS. Using a reference from another sheet with these functions will result in an #UNSUPPORTED CROSS-SHEET FORMULA error in the cell containing the formula. For more information on this and other formula errors, see Formula Error Messages.


    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week!


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  • This is the most ridiculous limitation possible.

    I just spent over 6 hours creating a massive dashboard for an extremely important project, and have run into the 100 cross-sheet references limitation with the need to create 8 more.

    I cannot believe they tell you that the best practice in their system is to create a metric sheet for a dashboard and them limit you to 100 cross-sheet references. If this is not fixed ASAP then this product is essentially unusable for any enterprise level projects.

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