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anchored tasks


How do I implement tasks that are dependent upon other tasks but who start/end to the dates I specify and not recalculated with other task parameters are changed???


  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Clifton-- Since we don't currently offer anything like constraints in Smartsheet, if you link tasks using predecessors, the tasks' start and end dates will be dependent on each other and there isn't a way to prevent this. I've added your vote for constraints to Smartsheet, which would allow you to do this. Thanks for your input!

  • Clifton Barber
    edited 09/07/16

    This is a serious omission.  In project plannig, there are many events which are fixed in time (e.g., external events, target end dates, etc.).  Not only should it be a priority to support tasks which are fixed in time, the system should highlight critical paths to and should highlight the critical path(s) if the start date can not be maintained. 

  • Paul S

    Agree with Clifton, Smartsheet should enable task constraints as a fundemental. Can you please update us on how the product development team are getting on and when you will launch this?  I assume its been worked on by the sheer volume of posts that I have read on the subject?


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