Formulas in Jira linked Sheets


Hi ! 

I'm trying to do the following: 

- I've created a Smartsheet that is linked to Jira. 

- to help me report on that, I want to add columns that are NOT mapped to Jira and to some calculation or add some information. 

After the first mapping, I can easily add these columns, but my issue is that every time a new Jira is created, the formulas that are not created with the new row. 

Can someone tell me if there's a way to fix that please? 

Thanks ! 



  • Nathan Lloyd

    Hi Christian,

    It sounds like you're wanting formulas to autofill into new rows added by the Jira Connector (i.e. when new Jira issues are created) and those formulas aren't autofilling as you're expecting.

    I did a quick test with a basic workflow and saw that when I created a new Jira issue, and that issue synced to the Smartsheet, existing formulas were autofilled into the new row without issue.

    I would suggest reviewing the Use or Override Automatic Formatting and Formula Autofill article to ensure the workflow / sheet you're using are configured correctly.

    In summary the formula autofill will work when:

    • New row added between two others that contain the same formula in adjacent cells.
    • New row added at the top of the sheet above two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. 
    • New row added to the bottom of the sheet below two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. 
    • New row added above or below a single row that is between blank rows and has formulas.

    If you're using row grouping in your Jira Connector workflow, it's possible that might introduce some issues. That said, assuming one of the above is met when a new row is added, formula autofill should work.

    If you are still having issues please do feel free to submit a ticket to Smartsheet Support and we'll be glad to help.


    Nathan L.

  • Thank you Nathan ! I will review. 

    I was using grouping, so it might have been the issue. 

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