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Difference in Days between Projected & Actual Start Dates/ End Dates?


My managers want a column that calculates number of work days (Mon. - Fri) between Projected Start Date and Actual Start Date. Example: Projected Start Date (in Column A): 09/01/16. Actual Start Date (in Column C): 09/09/16. Difference in Days between projected and actual start dates (Column B): 6 Days.



What formula would I use in Column B to get the number of work days between Projected and Actual Start dates? 


(This calculation might also be useful to calculate difference in work days between stated "Need By" date and actual completion date in another column). 







  • George Heckert

    I found the answer to my question in the Help Center, it was basically this, the NETWORKDAYS formula... and yes, it works!



    Returns the number of working days between a start date and end date.

    Syntax: NETWORKDAYS(start, end, <holiday_range>)


    • start - Required. The start date
    • end - Required. The end date. 
    • holiday_range - Optional. The dates to exclude from the count (for example, holidays or other specific dates).


    =NETWORKDAYS([Due Date]4, [Due Date]5)
    Result: 20

    =NETWORKDAYS([Due Date]1, [Due Date]5, [Due Date]2:[Due Date]3)
    Result: 85

    NOTE: By default, the WORKDAYS, NETWORKDAY, and NETWORKDAYS formulas count Saturday and Sunday as non-working days. If dependencies are enabled on your sheet you can customize the non-working days, and the formulas will use your settings in calculations.

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