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Past Due Dates

Eric Tinney
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I am having some difficulty in adding a formula so I can track how many days past due a task is. I've searched other disccussions and I have not been succesful.


I am using the "Project Sheet" templete and I have it filled out with actual dates and durations and Predecessors.  I have set up two Conditional Formating settings. One that would color the row RED if it is past the "Finish" date, Another to color white if it is 100 "% Complete". This is fine but the problem that I have is tracking past due tasks. 


I have a task Due 9/12/16. There are upwards of 50 other tasks that cannot be started until this one task is completed. So my probelm is when the task is completed I have to go in and manually change the "Finish" date for this task so that all of the other dependicies will change and I will see the actual proecty completion date. But it doesn't keep the origanal project completion date. If I add a third date column as "Completed" I then have to link all of my predessors to that column and not my "Finish" column.


I need to be able to track and report what tasks are past due and when they are actually completed. If I have to go change the origanal task "Finish" date, when I do a review at the end of the project no one will know what tasks got completed ontime or late.  I know in other systems there are ways to track this. I just don't know how to do it in Smartsheet. 


Any help or ideas are appriciated. 



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