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Reference in comments mail

09/15/16 Edited 12/09/19

When a comment is posted directed towards another user, the resulting email only mentions the row number. Is it possible to have a column value (eg. task title) as reference in the mail?

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  • Hi Michiel—We don't have a way to include the Primary column information (such as the task title) in Notification emails at this time but I'll add your vote for this to our enhancement request list, which is periodically reviewed by our Product team.


    Thanks for your input! 

  • Please add my vote as well.


    The email is received and shows the row number where the comment is.


    However, if users are using a report rather than the master sheet, the row number is meaningless.

  • Hi Matthew—


    I've added your vote for this feature on our enhancement request list as well.

  • I would vote for an enhanced email notification that is easier to read and includes the row and column number. Right now, the message runs together and I just want to read the message. Our team does some workaround by mentioning the project and line number in the comment and placing @mentions in the bottom of the comment. 

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