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Can link be disabled on email notifications?

Teresa Meyer
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts



Per Tech Support suggestion, I am setting about half of the user up on reports.  This will allow them to only see their information and hopefully avoid some issues that we have been having.


My question is, when a notification is emailed to a user with a link to the smartsheet.


Can that link on the email notification be disabled? 


Otherwise they will click onthe link and go to the SmartSheet anyway...


  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 06/29/15

    Notification emails cannot be customized to not include a link to the sheet. Also, in order to see the data in a report, users must be shared to the underlining sheets. This means your users can access the sheets from their Home tab - even without the link from a notification email. 

  • Todd Elsbernd

    I'd like to request this feature be added. I have several notifications that go out and send information to users, who do not have (and I don't want to give them) access to the sheet. Inevitably, they click on the link and request access to the sheet, spamming me smiley

  • calvarado

    I would like to bring this back to the top.  It would be great to be able to edit what is included in email and what feeds to Slack (which is very limited to the first 5 columns and often partial info from those columns). Providing the option to include the link you want to share would go a long way.  As a good example, I want to share a Sub Read Only Report and not the one to the full main sheet.  So this report has limited columns and rows specific to the group of individuals I want to share the details with.

  • MMackey

    I too would like to use information from a sheet in email communications to a vendor/sub-contractor without giving them access to the underlying sheet. Just a simple "link yes/link no" toggle would be sufficient.


  • Agreed with all of the above. Running into this myself and would just like to be able to send a basic proactive email to recipients with discretionary copy without directing them to a link to my sheet. 



  • hrzook

    Adding my support to this. I would think it would be very easy for Smartsheet to implement the ability to remove features from the notification on a case by case basis that aren't wanted.



  • tommyrossman

    @Travis, I love Smartsheet, but this is definitely a pain. Please allow us to toggle between allowing a user to request access or not. I get spammed with these all the time. I know one day, I'll be rushing and accidentally grant access to confidential information to a person that shouldn't have access to it!

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