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I can't receive smartsheet notifications to my protonmail account. Does anyone else have this problem?


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    I'd suggest adding the following relays to your organization's trusted sender list:


    If you're still not receiving automated messages, please reach out to our Support team and they can troubleshoot further with you. 

  • Smartsheet intentionally blocks the domain by design. I am having trouble even getting my new account set up because I can't receive the confirmation e-mail at my Protonmail address. I opened a support ticket and this was their response:

    "Upon checking our documentation as of 1/25/2021, we have confirmed with the product team that is blocked by design. With that being said, users with a email address, will not receive automated emails from Smartsheet. This includes automation, share sheet, at_mention, sign-up confirmation, password resets, and more."

    I've made an enhancement request that Protonmail users be allowed to create a Smartsheet account. I don't understand why they block that domain?