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Help needed

Matt Richards
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi , I need help if anyone can assit me , I would like to create a new sheet (Call it A) with dates / times in different columns then from another sheet (call it B) be able to see any times that are available in sheet B. I currently have a loading shedule with collections every 2 hours and have issues with multipul carriers being able to see each others work. Would like to create sheets for carriers which would then only show them available collection days / Times in sheet A. Hope this makes sense.


  • Chuck Muirhead
    Chuck Muirhead ✭✭✭✭✭

    I hope I am following along correctly......


    In sheet A you create your dates and times, then you could run a report that only returns available collection days.  The carriers would not have access to edit the report or sheet, unless you shared edit acess with them.  you could even create carrier specific reports ruturning the same inforamtion. 


    Hope this helps

  • Matt Richards

    Hi  i think we are getting mixed up , Currently i have 2 sheets Sheet A is a loading schedule with days of the week and collection times (Ie loading Monday to friday every 2 hours) Sheet B is where i send the bookings over to the nominated carriers (Alerts set up to send emails to them) What i need to do it keep sheet A for our companies use only (Not shared with external people) but have sheet B where they can see what loading slots are available (ie not double booking with another carrier)


    Hope this make more sense.

  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 09/26/16

    Hello Matt,


    Two possible ways of accomplishing this:


    1. Have individual sheets per each carrier company and only share these sheets only with the appropriate character. Think of having a "Sheet B" for each carrier.


    Then you could run a report for yourself that aggregates the data from all of these sheets into one area. This will help you view all of the carrier bookings and make sure you don't have double-bookings. More info on Reports here: http://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522214-creating-reports


    2. Use cell linking to link the data you want carriers to see onto their own sheets. This takes more work but might be beneficial, as reports don't have the same functionality as sheets. Details on cell linking can be found in our Help Center: http://help.smartsheet.com/articles/861579-cell-linking

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