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I am creating a sheet to track calibrations for the equipment in our department. I saw the function to add months to a date from another cell




=IF((MONTH([Purchase Date]1) + 9) > 12, DATE(YEAR([Purchase Date]1) + 1, MONTH([Purchase Date]1) + 9 - 12, DAY([Purchase Date]1)), DATE(YEAR([Purchase Date]1), MONTH([Purchase Date]1) + 9, DAY([Purchase Date]1)))


I want to subtract 2 months rather than add them to the date in the Calibration Due column. When I entered the function into the Calibration Reminder cell it worked to subtract 2 months, but when the value has to change over the year ( EX: 2017 to 2016) it returned with #INVALID VALUE and I am not sure what is wrong. I was hoping someone would check my function and see where my error is. The function I used is below and I have attached a screen shot for reference.


=IF((MONTH([Calibration Due]24) + -2) > 12, DATE(YEAR([Calibration Due]24) + 1, MONTH([Calibration Due]24) + -2 - 12, DAY([Calibration Due]24)), DATE(YEAR([Calibration Due]24), MONTH([Calibration Due]24) + -2, DAY([Calibration Due]24)))


Thank you,





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