Linking Reports in different sheets

Vuyi ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

hi guys

background: I work for an investment management company. Internally we have about 6 different reports that are interlinked in this manner

Report 1: the starting point is an events or presentation calender

Report 2: the actual presentation report, where feedback is gathered from presentations that come from the calendar in report 1.

Report 3: Pipeline Report, leads generated from the presentation report form a financial advisor's pipeline.

Report 4:  Compliance Audit Report, leads that are converted to actual clients who sign up for our solutions successfully have to be audited to ensure they comply with the regulation in the South African market

Report 5: Commission Calculator, the business generated earns commission and the financial advisors earn their commission from that business. 

Assistance required: I need to link 1 report to the next and set automation and conditions to move each positive outcome to the next report and automatically calculate commissions according to internal % splits. please assist me.