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Notifications when all given cells have been populated?


Hello, Community!


I have a multi-user Smartsheet where junior managers must enter a date in a designated cell (date approved) once they submit their required monthly report.


Once all of these reports for a given store have been received, only then can that store's Senior Manager begin developing his/her report. Currently, each Senior Manager must access the sheet and look for their store to see if all of their junior managers for a given store have submitted their reports (as in entered a date in the 'date approved' cell) so they can begin writing the Senior Manager reports. 


Is there a function (e.g. notification or report) where the senior managers will be notified once all of  the junior manager reports for a given store have dates in their 'date approved' cell?


I know I can send a specific notification to a specific user for a specific cell, but can I group cells to say when cells D14-D21 have dates in them a notification will be sent to the appropriate senior manager  (e.g. all the reports for the Southgate stores are in). Will this notification include information about which store is ready for its senior report?


And as bonus problem....Embarassed


Can this notification include a link to a report if it's in another document repository outside of Smartsheet (e.g. TouchPoint?)


Thanks, all! This is time-sensitive request so I truly appreciate any quick response.






  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Michael—It sounds like you're looking for a conditional notification of sorts, such that will send senior managers a notification when all of their specific junior managers have been assigned to the stores they're responsible for.


    This isn't functionality we have in the application as of yet, but our Product team is hard at work on developing this (I'll put your vote down for it as well to increase visibility of the feature).


    As for the bonus round:


    Notification emails themselves can't include custom content (I'll pass your feedback along for this as well) but you can either put a URL in a specific cell, which will be included on the notification for that row, or you can attach links to rows by clicking the Attachments (paperclip) icon on the left and selecting the URL/link option.

  • Michael Flores

    Oh, well! Thanks for the quick response, Shaine! Much appreciated!

  • Michael Flores

    Shaine, after speaking with the folks at Azuqua, they said their product could create these desired types of conditional notifications. 


    Do you have any knowledge or experience with Azuqua's demonstrated ability to provide this type of conditional notification? From what I can surmise, their solution appears to be based on a series of customized concatenations which seems like a workable solution to me.


    Any thoughts on this, Shaine?



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