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Creating Pivot like Metrics from a master sheet

Rashmi Pathak
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a smartsheet which is like a master sheet with all the projects captured as one line with values like status and some key components which identifies them as unique.


Earlier when i used to maintain this information in spreadsheet I used to pivot this data to give updates like which project is in which status, basically the count.


I am not able to find a efficient way to acheive that in smartsheet and any help would be welcome.


Example -

Master sheet

Emp_name, Emp_Salary, Emp_department, Salary, Health_Insurance, Travel_Ready


I need to create pivots on questions like

Number of employee in HE department with health insurance, with the listing of financial years


I cannot try Dashboard as sights are not supported by the version i have. I tried Cascading reports, but that wont total up. Cascading smartsheets looked liked so much work in terms of linking as there is no option of conditional linking I have to manually link each row.



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