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Creating Pivot like Metrics from a master sheet

09/29/16 Edited 12/09/19

I have a smartsheet which is like a master sheet with all the projects captured as one line with values like status and some key components which identifies them as unique.


Earlier when i used to maintain this information in spreadsheet I used to pivot this data to give updates like which project is in which status, basically the count.


I am not able to find a efficient way to acheive that in smartsheet and any help would be welcome.


Example -

Master sheet

Emp_name, Emp_Salary, Emp_department, Salary, Health_Insurance, Travel_Ready


I need to create pivots on questions like

Number of employee in HE department with health insurance, with the listing of financial years


I cannot try Dashboard as sights are not supported by the version i have. I tried Cascading reports, but that wont total up. Cascading smartsheets looked liked so much work in terms of linking as there is no option of conditional linking I have to manually link each row.



  • Brett EvansBrett Evans ✭✭✭✭✭



    There are a couple of free products out there that will allow you to do this.  


    Explore the REF functionality in Appsheet or linking/merging tables in Microsoft Power BI.  I am sure there are other ways to do this and pay for it, but those are the apps I have used to merge smartsheet data.


    Good Luck,


  • Hi Rashmi,


    Smartsheet doesn't yet have pivot table functionality, but I'll pass your feedback for this along to our product team for further consideration.


    The most feasible way to accomplish what you need would be to export your sheet to Excel when you need to create your pivots. Details on exporting to excel are available in our Help Center: http://help.smartsheet.com/articles/770623-exporting-sheets-reports-from-smartsheet


    Otherwise, you might talk to your team on getting the ODBC Driver for use with Excel, but keep in mind that the data would automatically export in read-only from Smartsheet; more info on ODBC here: http://help.smartsheet.com/articles/1910037-using-the-smartsheet-live-data-connector-enterprise-only-

  • Hi Rashmi—

    We now have a Pivot app that you can use to build the pivot tables that you need. This is a premium add on that you can learn more about by contacting our Sales team.

  • Hi Rashmi—

    We now have a Pivot app that you can use to build the pivot tables that you need. This is a premium add on that you can learn more about by contacting our Sales team.

  • edited 03/09/18

    +1 vote for pivot tables being included in the enterprise license and not as an add-on.  This is a must-have requirement for project tracking and should be available just as Gantt charts and Card View is.  Currently our team has to output our project data from Smartsheet into Power BI or Tableau, but as we work to centralize work into one tool it creates a clunky process.  We also have limited licenses for Tableau and Power BI, so our team is dependent on specific people to do work as simple as creating a pivot table.  Are there plans to add this as standard functionality rather than as an add-on?

  • I agree. Pivot Tables are an essential functionality.  Should not be an add-on.

  • jasonpjasonp ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 10/30/18

    Agree, with some additional text logic to pull back unique, then do sumif, or countif based on that list. Pivot should be included, unless there is another solution.

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