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Purchase Order Forms

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I want to create a purchase order form that I can send to suppliers by email from SmartSheets and receive a confirmation form back by email that the order is accepted with delivery details.

The purchase order will need an internal authorisation.

A unique PO number.

Entry into the Smart sheet on authorisation.

Ideally the order will intergrate with a finance sheet for payment

Help on how to achieve this will be gratefully received.



  • I think the order template should get your desired outcome..did you download that to check it out?  If you haven't contacted [email protected] I would suggest that as they are very helpful with designing a workflow like you have requested.  

  • Jason Davis
    edited 10/02/16

    I like that Idea,  I would also like to attach the po to my project management sheet in order to keep track for cost accounting on the job.  Does anyone have this type of solution?

  • If you use that template with a web form the PO could be uploaded and stored at the row and sheet level

  • Hopey
    edited 10/02/16

    Hi Tony

    I tried that but the web form doesnt give a usable Purchase Order. It is also the wrong way round and is aimed at a PO into me from a purchaser.

    I have tried importing an excel spreasheet PO but all I get is a SmartSheet replication of an excel spreadsheet.



  • Tony Davidson - SmartSheet Certified User 2016
    edited 10/02/16

    Ahh ok.. I understand now.. that is a good support question.  I could only find the order template below for receiving orders..



  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 10/03/16

    Hello All—


    I just wanted to bring up a point that our Support team is happy to help with technical issues and understanding specific features, but doesn't typically help with complete workflow design.


    We do have a design desk team though! https://www.smartsheet.com/design-desk



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