Exporting workspaces to excel is broken

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi Community,

I have setup a workspace that is to act as a database for saving historical data shapshots by exporting to excel each month. The workspace contains about 20 reports, each to register used for project delivery. For example, the issues report links to all issues registers on all projects. The reports do not have any filters and have all columns enabled. 

When I export the workspace, the excel file that is created is missing data from some of the reports. Some tabs contain all data, some only have data from some sheets but not all and others only have the column names, no data. Each time I export I get the same result. When I open the report in Smartsheet it definitely has all the data from all linked sheets so I cannot understand how this could be happening. I believe it is a bug. 

I've already raised a support ticket but wanted to check to see if others had this issue.