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Product Portfolio Rollup Templates and Guide

I was looking around the Smartsheet site and watched a couple of webinars on Smartsheet solutions, such as the Product Portfolio Rollup solution.  From what was said on the webinar, these are a group of sheets/templates that work together to create a Smartsheet system of project management tools.  Also said in the webinar is that these are available for free download.  I haven't been able to find a way to download anything except single templates.  Where should I be looking?


  • Hi Scott,


    Solutions are available here: https://www.smartsheet.com/solution-center


    After selecting a category, you'll find a few solution options. You'll need to click the green "Contact Our Team to Learn More" button to request a solution.

  • I have a Team Account. Now I must pay to have the solutions?

  • Hi Paulo,


    I'm not sure how it works, as I'm not a part of the team that is in control of the solutions. I'd recommend putting the request in for a solution you want (using the steps in my above post).

  • Paulo Paiva
    edited 10/12/16

    Thanks! It worked out without extra money. I was not clear to me.

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